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For the classic Gothic game formula developed by Piranha Bytes, helmets made their initial appearance in Gothic 3, where they felt like a natural continuation for the “protections” system, and added another slot for worn armor elements. However, nowadays it’s an open secret the original devs planned inclusion of helmets already in Gothic II, since all animations for human NPCs (including “The Nameless Hero”) have the head slot rigged in; yet somehow the helmets concept didn’t make it into the final version of the game.

With the next version, helmets were restored and made a proper component of the game.

Medium Dragon Helmet

1. Medium Dragon Helmet (+10 fire protection, +5 all others)


2. Heavy Dragon Helmet (+15 fire protection, +10 all others)


3. Knight Helmet (+10 magic protection, +5 all others)


4. Opened/Closed Paladin Helmet (+15 magic protection, +10 all others)

The four helmets above were the most obvious candidates for implementation, because their meshes and textures were already to be found in the game’s files. Since they are considered parts of the individual sets of the game’s four “final” armors, their high protection values are complementary for their matching armors “helmetless” models. The player can alternate between the opened and closed model of the paladin helm with any smith in the game.

5. Leather Cap (+1 all protections) [100 gold]

6. Bronze Skullcap (+2 all protections) [225 gold]

7. Iron Helm (+3 all protections) [350 gold]

The three completely new helmets introduced in the mod. All purchasable from certain merchants in Khorinis, Jarkhendar, and the Valley of Mines via the usual trading window thanks to the improvement made in Union (which is the base for the mod). The prices might be recognized as expensive and the provided protection scores not too satisfying, but since v2.6 will also introduce shields, and both categories shall be available from the Chapter 1, the values supplied by new armor elements need to stay low, otherwise they would make the player overpowered too quickly (but some monsters had some of their protections and damage marginally raised anyway, to counter the possibility of a better armored player). The general notion is to follow the first Risen where helmets plus shields were supplementary to main body armors and jewelry.

There will be no completion bonuses for the new helmets like with the Night of the Raven’s belts, and to avoid visual glitches (and cheating), the script set in place prevents wearing helmets with “full” armors of dragon hunters and knights/paladins. Also, some minor NPCs will wear helmets for additional immersion, but the player will not be able to loot those pieces from their unconscious (or dead) bodies.

Additionally, exclusive hoods for fire novices and fire mages might find their way into the mod too, yet their presence will be mostly cosmetic if so, since novice and mage robes are the weakest “guild” armors in the game for their respective tiers and thus will be said hoods if ever implemented.

Finally, a crystal crown that increases the maximum Mana depending on the user’s character level (with the cap set to max +25 at 50th level) will be available to the player who learned how to “Craft Armors”, which is another restored crafting skill of the v2.6 release. But since this is going to be a secret item connected to a secret quest, no visual provided.

The next news, once they’re wrapped up, will focus on addition of shields.

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