You can bee yourself in skateboarding platformer OlliOlli World

There’s no point in doing a [Craig stops to read a list of skateboard moves] feeble grind if you don’t look the part. And we all have our own definitions of what “the part” is. For example, and I’m just pulling an example out of thin air here, someone might want to skate around in a bumble bee onesie. The upcoming OlliOlli World will let you do that. The skateboarding platform game has hundreds of customisation options for the player to pick from. Go on, hive a look at the new trailer and see.

I generally create the same person in every game, because, in my heart of hearts, I’m a hot woman with a side-shave haircut. That certainly seems possible in Roll7’s skating game, but with plenty of other options to tempt me out of my comfort zone. The shirt decals alone in this trailer look so lovely that I know I’ll spend a while just perusing them. Then I’ll do it all over again with my board.

Skin, height, hair, body type are all expected areas you can tweak, but you can also give your character an arm cast, or a prosthetic leg. I spotted a hijab, I think. You can be yourself.

And then you can choose what sort of tricks you pull off around Radlandia’s millions of levels. You can tweak your moveset to include a lot of grabs, change how you start and stop each run, and pick the perfect pose to throw at your rivals. In a nice way. No tea-bagging here. It’s all very wholesome and welcoming, which is a noble goal.

OlliOlli World is scheduled for Q4 2020.

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