You can grab a 250GB Samsung 860 Evo for just £36 right now

Samsung 860 Evo - Best gaming SSD

The Samsung 860 Evo is still the best SSD for gaming if you’re looking for a cheap SATA SSD, but Aria have recently slashed the price of the 250GB model down to just £36, making this the cheapest it’s been in, well, forever.

Granted 250GB isn’t a whole lot of space, but at this kind of price it’s an offer too good to pass up if you’re after a top notch SSD as your primary C: drive with excellent read and write speeds.

The offer is pretty limited – only five 860 Evos are available at this knockdown price at time of writing – but if you happen to miss it, then worry not, as you can also bag it for a very reasonable £45 instead, which is Aria’s regular price for the 860 Evo and still £5 cheaper than what you’ll find over at Amazon.

Of course Samsung’s SSDs are at the pricier end of the storage spectrum, and if your motherboard supports NVMe storage, you’re almost certainly better served by the WD Blue SN550 SSD instead. As well as offering faster speeds than SATA models, the prices are actually a bit more competitive as you increase capacity: £48 for 250GB, £72 for 500GB (versus the 500GB 860 Evo’s £70 price right now) and £114 for 1TB (which is quite a bit cheaper than a 1TB 860 Evo at £130).

If money’s tight and you don’t have NVMe options, then the next best pick is undoubtedly Crucial’s MX500. Here, the best prices at the time of writing are £40 for 250GB, £62 for 500GB, and £105 for 1TB.

Whatever option you choose, putting an SSD drive in your PC should be an absolute priority if you’re still labouring away with mechanical hard drives. SSDs are simply much faster at opening and saving files, as well as making Windows load faster.

And remember you can find all of these deals and more over in our regularly updated SSD deals page.

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